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Best Of Both Worlds

The opportunity and spirit of a startup with the stability of an established, experienced firm. At Integer Alpha, we place a high premium on our culture, which is built on the idea that team collaboration, innovation, and creative freedom are essential in trading success. Our flat organizational structure and informal atmosphere allow employees to research and develop their own ideas while our team approach provides a platform to transform ideas into high octane results. It is a place of utmost expectations, with some of the brightest, most passionate people you will meet.

Working at Integer Alpha is lively and challenging. We trade in a myriad of accelerated environments, and feedback on success and failures is rapid and tangible. This allows for constant reflection and improvement of our strategies and performance. We are dedicated to bring forth an environment where everyone can reach their potential, ambitions can be realised and ideas can triumph. We also want our people to work in an environment where they can relax and be social and that is what we desire.

A Blend Of Humanities And Science

We know of the importance of standing at the intersection of humanities and science. This innovation will come from our people who are able to link beauty to engineering, humanity to technology, in the context of the trading world.

Our people back themselves to the best. They are adaptable thinkers who can work under pressure. They are team players who are also flexible enough to work independently. Our people are problem solvers with innovative ideas that contribute to the current success of the firm. Newcomers will welcome the fact that all ideas are considered and good ideas are always acted on.

The route to blend art and science is long and arduous, but we firmly believe we can achieve it. We quest for the combination of computer and human prowess to produce a human-computer synergy, and trying to perfect it will be the holy grail of our work. We will stick to this belief like hedgehogs.

Career Opportunities

Here at Integer Alpha, we are always on the look out for talents.
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