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As A Quantitative Trading Firm

Integer Alpha

We are a quantitative trading firm based in Singapore. As a firm believer in combining the artistic elements of trading and the science of systematic investigation into the markets, the founder of Integer Alpha embarked on the journey of pursuing success with the team. Along the way, we seize good ideas and reward brilliance. But most importantly, we love every minute of it.

Keeping our roots, we believe the heart of the firm lies in integrity, which is how the firm’s name was derived – Integer, the root word for integrity, and Alpha, having the edge to beat the market on a risk-adjusted basis.

“If you are ready to give up everything else and study the whole history and background of the market and all principles companies whose stocks are on the board as carefully as a medical student studies anatomy – if you can do all that and in addition you have the cool nerves of a gambler, the sixth sense of a clairvoyant and the courage of a lion, you have a ghost of chance.”

                                                                     Bernard Baruch


Integer Alpha

Integer Alpha specializes in quantitative trading. Creative and critical thinking is essential to provide an edge in the increasingly competitive markets. Our unique view of the market helps us to generate sophisticated trading strategies to capture the trading cycle. Our quantitative team creates complex algorithms while constantly adjusting our models to stay ahead of the curve, allowing us to move dynamically and aggressively with prudent risk-rewards.


Integer Alpha

Science is an integral part of Integer Alpha and innovation comes from our people who are able to glorify engineering and humanise technology in the context of the trading world.
Under the most stringent requirements and checks, Integer Alpha has built its own proprietary systems from scratch and crafted it immaculately to a paragon, allowing us to have stability and precision in execution.

With the support and empowerment of our proprietary systems, we are able to create an optimal environment for our analysts and traders to push beyond the boundaries of performance while being on top of the downside risks.

About Integer Alpha


The critical element that leads Integer Alpha

We believe innovations lie in where the art and the science  meet.

Quantitative Strategy

The strategy that Integer Alpha specialises in

 Resolute approach in calibrating our strategies to capture opportunities.


Competitiveness and Collaborative at Integer Alpha

Collective effort to build an environment with positive synergy.
Integer Alpha

Career Opportunities

Here at Integer Alpha, we are always on the look out for talents.
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