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As A Proprietary Trading Firm

Integer Alpha trades across major asset classes using the firm’s resources, which means we assume all of the associated risks and rewards. This differentiates our business model from other financial institutions and allows us to provide extremely attractive remuneration to our employees.

We Trade For Our Own Account

No outside investors. No third-party funds. So, we can be innovative and nimble, while using our market experience to manage risk prudently. We have the correct set-up in place to drive business forward without the inefficiencies that withhold other organizations. Not many places can do things like the way we do, and we like to keep it that way.


Everyone needs an edge. Ours is making sure our traders get theirs. We have worked hard to build an environment that unlocks the potential of everyone to be a better individual.

This company was built on the idea that every trader should have an equal opportunity to succeed. To have the tools, technology and capital to push beyond individual constraints. We believe the best trading environment is one where knowledge and ideas are shared, enabling everyone to have more success. Our traders are trusted with more capital and more autonomy. Which means the maximum potential will not be constrained.
Traders must be prepared to face a varied set of problems daily. Most divide their time between closely monitoring our trading systems in real-time, manually entering trades into the markets, developing new trading strategies via quantitative research, and improving the infrastructure that enables us to analyse the markets and our trading data. To meet these requirements, traders must not only be capable of improvising quick solutions in short timeframes, but also cultivate skills such as statistical analysis and programming. At the end of the day, traders will attain the market experience that enables them to have superb trading acumen and recognize subtle opportunities to generate alpha for the firm.


The roles of our research analysts is different from what you might have expect.

Over at Integer Alpha, we work conjointly with our traders to identify setups and build models on fundamental analysis. Critical and creative thinking is essential to providing an edge in these increasingly competitive markets.

Career Opportunities

Here at Integer Alpha, we are always on the look out for talents.
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